Road Close –

Let us pray, for what?

The meeting in the Botsio Auditorium at the Alisa Hotel started 12 minutes after the advertised time, with a prayer.  I was captivated.  Said invocation was mercifully short.  Ghana is a secular country and I usually have no patience for public displays of virtuosity.  Praying before public events is usually a signal for imminent mediocrity and the attendant buck passing.  ‘Measures are in place…. plans are far advanced… we are positioning to….  As long as we can claim God, in Ghana we can avoid taking responsibility for everything in a pathological case of national Mutunus Tutunus.  Almost there, never quite and painful.

The revelations that followed the unwarranted prayer did require the intervention of higher powers.  The original figure of the outstanding indebtedness by Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs) by the end of the financial year, December 31st, announced by the Vice President, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia in 2017 as shrouded in mystery and thus worthy of close inspection, was Ghc7 billion.  Equivalent to some $1.5 billion today, that is the kind of money in a Ghana seeking to be beyond aid, worthy of at least one long…

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