Precast concrete solutions for risk management

Photo courtesy Groupe Lépine

By Brian J. Hall
Climate projections by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) show past and current practices will influence the climate for decades to come. Such projections are usually statements about the likelihood something will happen several decades in the future if certain influential conditions develop in contrast to a prediction. For projections extending well into the future, scenarios are developed over what could happen given various assumptions and judgments. Therefore, in addition to efforts to reduce climate change, design/construction professionals need to prepare for the climate change that cannot be avoided.

After catastrophic flooding in Canada and the United States in recent years, as well as the devastating 2016 wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, people are realizing climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the planet. For design/construction professionals, part of the task of creating the built environment has now become ensuring structures can safely endure these extreme weather events. In other words, today’s structures need to display resilience.

This term is defined by the globalization-focused

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