Leesville audit findings – News – Leesville Daily Leader – Leesville, LA

A public accountant gave the City of Leesville’s audit report at Monday’s Council meeting, covering the 2017 fiscal year from March 1 through June 31.

C. Burton Kolder, of Kolder, Champagne, Slaven & Co., said, “The overall position of the city has improved.”

In 2016, the City had 120 days of funds available for operating costs – about four months’ worth. Currently the City has increased that number and has 143 days’ worth available.

One area for concern, which did at times lead to a loss in revenue, was due to computer problems. “During the year, the City experienced two computer system crashes in which substantial data was lost resulting from a failure of the backup system,” states a letter making recommendations to the City. “This lost data was re-entered by City personnel from hard copy reports.”

The letter suggests backup systems be put in place and regularly evaluated in order to safeguard City data.  

Kolder recommended Leesville review operations to determine methods to increase revenues or reduce expenditures in the areas of Public Safety and Sewer Enterprise Funds – both of which experienced a deficit….

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