CreditPoint Software, LLC and Creditsafe Announce Integrated Risk Management Partnership

For Creditsafe customers, the integration enables users to expand the value of their Creditsafe data with a powerful customer management tool that includes the best coverage for public company financials and ratings. For non-Creditsafe customers, the partnership means that CreditPoint users can easily expand their coverage to include the best-in-class bureau reports for private companies. 

The key benefit is that users can now seamlessly combine public and private customer information into a single application, for streamlined management of their entire customer portfolio. Creditsafe’s database covers more than 240 million companies around the globe and supports a subscription base of more than 100,000 customers.  CreditPoint’s robust credit risk workflow, complete with auto-alerts and configurable scoring models, also features ratings and financials on publicly traded companies around the world. When combined with Creditsafe’s high-quality business credit reports, users can pull the credit reports, score the customer, assess the risk and take action.

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