An open letter to Jewish Leadership Council and Jewish Chronicle | Jonathan Hoffman | The Blogs

The JC last Friday devoted seven pages to the JLCs ‘internal audit’ compiled in 2013 regarding alleged misdemeanours of the then CEO, Jeremy Newmark.

The ‘internal audit’ – reproduced by the JC – and the coverage of it prompts a number of questions:

1. The JC’s original headline said that the audit ‘alleges he deceived the JLC out of thousands of pounds’ and that ‘JLC trustees made good the losses.’

How is the first headline consistent with the reported comment that Sir Mick Davis ‘did not believe there was proof Mr Newmark’s behaviour had been prompted by a desire for personal enrichment’? Why else would an employee ‘deceive’ his employer on financial matters, if NOT for reasons of personal enrichment?

And what about the ‘thousands of pounds’ that allegedly went incorrectly into Mr Newmark’s pocket: where is the evidence to back this allegation?

2. And what about the ‘made good the losses’ reference? ‘Losses’ in this context means ‘fraud’ or ‘theft’ – that there was JLC cash that was knowingly inappropriately used for private gain.

Where is the evidence? A hotel which mistakenly charged…

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