Alabama cyber security programs ramp up amid rising threats

At Auburn University, the new director of the Auburn Cyber Research Center said his goal is to establish a greater focus on economic impact in Alabama.

To accomplish this, the center’s research is focused on improving cyber security in industries that are major economic drivers in the state, such as healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, chemicals and more, said David Umphress, a Auburn engineering professor with nearly 40 years of experience in software and systems engineering in academic, military and industrial settings.

“What we’re trying to do is research that is directly in line with improving cyber security within those economic drivers,” he said.


“We’re trying to put Alabama in the forefront of all of those areas. ”

Manufacturing is a key economic driver in Alabama, and a growing segment is additive manufacturing, or 3-D printing. The practice involves fabricating parts layer-by-layer from metals, plastics or other materials based on a 3-D computer-aided design model.

“There’s an entire digital information exchange on how people build things, and if you change just a little bit…

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